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Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction
Jiangyin Jirui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Dongmeng Technology Zone, Nanzha Town, Jiangyin City, a flourishing city near to Shanghai in the east, close to the Yangtze River in the north and 5 km away from Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, enjoying convenient traffic conditions Our company takes a land area of 25,OOO m2 and a construction area of 15000 m2.
Our business philosophy: sincerity, innovation, harmony and efficiency Our company centers on economic benefit, adheres to the principle of excellent return, focuses on technical innovation and system innovation, gives priority to the features of main products, and realizes professional, large-scale and group operation, so as to turn our company into a high-tech enterprise developing fast with outstanding economic and social benefits.
Professional technical talents: Our company opens itself to all talents and has a contingent of technical talents who have first-class professional level and rich practice experience Our technical personnel are always devoted to research and development of new equipment and new technologies. Our company has become a comprehensive enterprise that mainly produces drying, mixing, sterilizing, granulating and material transferring equipment.
Advanced operation and management system: Our company adopts internationally advanced operation and management methods suited to China's actual conditions In 2OO2, our company was certified to the ISO9001:2OOO international quality system and established a perfect quality management system Our products are designed in full accordance with GMP, having the comprehensive advantages of replacing imported products. First-class products: Guided by the thoughts of high technology and new technology, our company has continuously introduced advanced technologies from abroad, and is dedicated to independent research and development of new products Now we have products Among them, the EYH-series two-dimensional movement mixer, GM100 series dry heat sterilizer, vacuum vibration dryer, closed circulation dryer, injection water heat exchange water device are the typical products. The five types of products have filled domestic blanks.
Good market reputation: Our company has carried out technical exchanges and cooperation with Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Design Institute, Northeast Pharmaceutical Group, Northeast General Pharmaceutical Factory Research Institute, North China Pharmaceutical Group, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group and other enterprises and scientific research institutes Our product quality is continuously improved and specifications are constantly increased. With high quality products and excellent service, our company has won recognition and praise from the above enterprises Jiangyin Jirui Machinery has served many famous pharmaceutical plants at home and abroad Our products are sold throughout China, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, etc,winning high popularity and good market reputation at home and abroad.
Our principle: endless pursuit of innovation, quality and customer service.